Nordic design

You might have a clear image of what the Nordic aesthetics is and an opinion on how Scandinavian style has shaped the concept of simple living. To many outsiders however, these two terms can be confusing. Below is a brief explanation of these two geographical terms.

Scandinavia is the name of the North European peninsula that includes Norway to the west, Sweden to the east, and the island of Denmark to the south. These three nations have similar languages and culture, but each country also have an clear sense of nationality. (A tiny bit like Canada and the US).

Included in the term Nordic is the Scandinaviavian peninsula, in addition to Finland and Iceland. Iceland was settled by Scandinavians a long, long time ago and have a language similar to Viking-age Norwegian (The Icelanders are also responsible for writing the the most important works of Viking history and literature). Finland on the other hand, has a completely different language to the Scandinavians, but share cultural similarities and and has an important share in the defining of the Nordic aesthetic.



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