The power of positive living

Home is where heart is. Or so goes a popular embroidery. But then what does the past decades of monochrome and near endless shades of gray tell tell us about our state of mind? Decades of calm and safe is coming to and end, both where world politics and decorating is concerned. Harmonious and understated just won't cut it, the era of "Happy Design" has come to Scandinavia.

Norwegian classics

The 1950-60s was a golden age for Scandinavian industrial design. During this defining time, masters such as Georg Jensen, Arne Jacobsen and Tias Eckhoff created icons that would set the bar for future industrial designers. But as the booming oil industry hit Norway in the ensuing decades, the furniture industry faded into oblivion. In recent years however, forgotten classics have been reintroduced to an applauding international audience.

Coloured glass updated

Coloured glassware is having a renaissance. Long discarded as a relic of bygone excess, paired with modern tableware it infuses an airy elegance to the contemporary table. Better, it offers warmth and originality often missing in typically monochrome minimalism. It is therefore no surprise that Nordic and Japanese homes alike are embracing this fresh new take on simplicity.

Dine on wood

Wood is the element most characteristic to both Nordic and Japanese homes. Easily accessible and organic, it has a warm feel and is perfectly paired with ceramics or glass for an easy day to day lifestyle.

Porcelain perfect

Blue and white Ming vases come to mind when thinking about Eastern pottery and porcelain. And there are definitely some beautiful traditional pieces to be found. However, there is more to see on the design scene in China, Japan and South Korea. Over the past decade, I have come across a few contemporary brands that take their design a bit further.

Dinosaurs for dinner

Children´s tableware should be fun. It ought to have colours and patterns to put a smile on your face. It needs to be inviting and inspirational, never fragile and always easy. How to combine these features in an everyday dining routine? Here are a few ideas to make your meals a little more pleasant.

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